POTUS #45 Ring, Excellence Personified

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An Update from The Michigan Modernism Show:
One of AUGIE FERNANDEZ’S friends – one of the tv reporters, was kind enough after seeing the POTUS 45 ring that I designed and hearing the back story to send the computer renderings (the images that I posted here and the backstory) to a friend of hers who works at THE WHITE HOUSE~!!~. So far, it has not been rejected. Now, that being said, we have absolutely no idea if it has gone the way of the circular file or if, in fact, it is being considered. All I know is that I am one very thankful guy. Just to have one of my collaborations being looked at at that level to me and to my partner is totally awesome. Who’d a thunk?

Here’s the backstory on the ring. When you look down on the face of the ring, you see 13 stones in Red; White and Blue – the Colors of our Flag and the number of the original 13 Colonies. The Center Stone – a 1.71 VS-1 Diamond, also functions as the Federal Government – that which bonds all of the states into 1 United States of America. The Red stones are Blood Red Rubies and the Blue are Ceylon Sapphires. Just below the face of the ring – along the Neck, you will see 50 Equally sized Stars set equidistant apart from one another. These Stars represent what the Founders felt would be The Electoral College so that EACH State would have Equal Representation – We would all be equal, with no one state having more power than any other state or region. Along one side of the body of the ring, in a plate made from Rose Gold that is melded into the 14 ct. White Gold body of the ring, is carved the following: POTUS 45 (President Of The United States #45) honoring the highest position in the nation. And on the other side, on another plate of Rose Gold that is also melded into the White Gold body of the ring, carved in a Scroll is: E PLURIBUS UNUM – (From the many – ONE) and beneath that we find a Carved EAGLE that signifies STRENGTH – the Strength of the nation. The reason for the melding of 2 different kinds or colors of Gold into One is to show DIVERSITY – something that this country has always been known for. Has been known to embrace. This is my and my collaborative partner’s contribution to the rich concept of PATRIOTISM and what it means, no matter the adversity – and those who know me do know of the tremendous injustice that I have had to go through and suffer through over the past 25 years. But no matter the adversity, I am still proud to say and BE AN AMERICAN, FOR AT LEAST I’M ALWAYS FREE~!!~

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