About Tom

member_102610352Tom Wester has been selling and exhibiting Tiffany stained glass lamps and windows for over three decades. He is a third generation art dealer specializing in original works from the Tiffany Studios. Tom has been involved with Tiffany for 35 years and teaches a course at Emory University on Tiffany lamps. Tom specializes in rare, one-of-a-kind items and is a wealth of knowledge about Louis Comfort Tiffany, Tiffany glass, and the studio that created these stunning pieces of decorative art from 1878 through 1933.

His passion for the products is shown in his discriminating tastes, his eye for detail, and ultimately in his satisfied clients. Tom also has an interest in the fine arts; his love of contemporary art drives him to seek out some of the most fascinating artists, and after developing relationships with them, representing their work he travels across the country exhibiting at the most renown art fairs and antique shows.

Tom is no stranger to the teaching profession, he considers it an honor to lead new and existing clients to not only established artists, but up and coming contemporary artists as well. These artists, in return, save the very best pieces for him to exhibit, and are duly rewarded with recognition and sales.

Tom loves what he does, but ultimately, it is the satisfaction of the client of that makes him happiest. Reach out to Tom at 678-245-2119 or email him at tomgolfgeorgia@aol.com


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